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"General Chinese in International Workplaces" Online Course

"General Chinese in International Workplaces" Online Course

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Quickly and effectively improve your spoken Chinese for daily conversations.Enjoy popularity among businesspeople and diplomatic staff from [100+] countries

Course Introduction
Designed for non-Chinese speakers over 16 who want to learn to speak Chinese fast and effectively, “General Chinese in International Workplaces” series of digital courses facilitate learners to make full use of their spare time to learn Chinese. The courses emphasize listening and speaking and feature an online learning platform (CHIease), with the objective of enabling learners to apply what they have learnt, which are mostly practical sentences in the workplace, to daily conversations.

Target Audience
(1) Foreign employees of overseas Chinese enterprises
(2) Foreign businesspeople working in China
(3) Businesspeople, government officials and experts cooperating with China
(4) Foreign youth ready to be employed

Course Features
(1) A new mode of teaching and learning
The courses feature “1+3+N” – a new mode of teaching and learning. “1” refers to one unit of online teaching and “3” refers to three units of offline learning activities including previewing, reviewing, practicing and testing under the guidance of teachers. As for “N”, it means students have access to all learning material on CHIease such as video lessons and may enhance their learning by taking online tests.

(2) Practical teaching resources
"General Chinese in International Workplaces" series of digital courses are based on Chinese speaking in the workplace, covering 60+ themes, 120+ working scenarios, 1000+ practical sentences and 3000+ high-frequency vocabulary words. Integrating Chinese culture in teaching, the courses focus on spoken Chinese and use textbooks designed for practicing speaking.

(3) Online learning platform
All teaching and learning activities are carried out on CHIease.
CHIease helps learners identify and address learning difficulties.
CHIease facilitates learners to make full use of their spare time to learn Chinese.
Learners can enhance their learning experience by watching video lessons on CHIease and taking online tests.

(4) The authority of the textbooks
Our textbook R&D team composed of authoritative experts on Chinese as a foreign language, dominated by former principal of Huaqiao University, professor Jia Yimin, including professor Lu Jianming and Li Xiaoqi of Peking University, professor Cui Xiliang and Zhang Bo of Beijing Language and Culture University, professor Wu Weiping of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, take the necessary workplace Chinese language demanded in work scenes as the main line, and has developed the global first textbooks of General Chinese in International Workplaces (a total of 6 volumes, with 6 intellectual property rights, published by Jinan University Press), which are specifically designed for international professionals. Textbook Review Expert Panel considered the textbooks to be "high quality, pioneering and distinctive textbooks for workplace Chinese"

Mode of Teaching 

"General Chinese in International Workplaces" series of digital courses feature online teaching and tutoring. 
There are six course levels, each featuring unique and supplementary content. Learners can choose courses based on their language proficiency.
Each course consists of 20 lessons of online teaching (50 mins each) and 60 lessons of self-learning under the guidance of teachers. 
Students of "General Chinese in International Workplaces" courses have access to all teaching material on CHIease within one year.

Course Intended Learning Outcome
The course content of "General Chinese in International Workplaces" is designed in accordance with the requirements of the six HSK levels. Below are the course intended learning outcomes.

Teaching Content
Each textbook consists of 10 units, each unit consisting of two scenarios.
The six volumes of textbooks cover 60 themes and 120 common scenarios in the workplace.

  • Vol. I

  • Vol. II

  • Vol. III

  • Vol. IV

  • Vol. V

  • Vol. VI

Course benefits

  • 20 sessions of online classes taught by a real teacher and 50 minutes per lesson.
  • 60 sessions of online tutoring, learners can use their own fragmented time to complete learning tasks such as preview, review, practice and test.
  • With 365 days of CHIease App VIP rights, worth 980 yuan, on the CHIease App, a smart learning platform, students can watch recorded lessons synchronized with the textbooks, course playback and other Chinese language courses, as well as do exercises and tests without limits.
  • An electronic textbook of "General Chinese in International Workplaces"
  • If you pass the graduation examination, you will be awarded the certificate of "General Chinese in International Workplaces"
  • Students who have completed the course and passed the assessment will be included in the "5idea Chinese Talent Pool" and have the opportunity to obtain value-added services for study in China and career docking.

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