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Chinese Crash Course on “Workplace Chinese”

Chinese Crash Course on “Workplace Chinese”

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Are you working in China?

Within 30 days, you would quickly master 60+ words and 30+ sentences commonly used in workplace in China, and be able to smoothly communicate in Chinese in your daily work.

You can choose two from the following four topics:

  • Addressing Colleagues: including how to address colleagues of different titles, and express gratitude and guilt politely in Chinese.
  • Self-Introduction: including how to introduce your name, department, and position, and how to ask others politely in Chinese.
  • Office Supplies: including how to ask about the name and owner of certain office supplies in Chinese.
  • Time Expression: including how to ask about time and colleagues’ schedule in Chinese.

The course adopts the new Chinese learning mode of "1+3+N", with a total of 8 sessions, including:

  • 2 sessions of one-on-one online teaching with a real teacher, each lasting 25 minutes;
  • 6 sessions of online tutoring, where you can use your own fragmented time, to complete the learning tasks such as preview, review, practice and test under the guidance of the teacher;
  • With 30-day CHIease App VIP privileges, you can study after class unlimited times.

At the end of the course, you would be able to:

  • Master 60+ words and 30 sentences on the chosen topics;
  • Smoothly communicate in Chinese on the chosen topics;
  • Lay a good foundation for further Chinese learning.

How to take the class?

Contact the customer service
WhatsApp/Wechat: +86 18026229513

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