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1-on-1 Spoken Chinese Online Crash Course

1-on-1 Spoken Chinese Online Crash Course

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Welcome to our "Spoken Chinese Crash Course" ,The course is aimed at students with zero basic knowledge. It can help you speak Chinese quickly and understand Chinese quickly. With the guidance of professional teachers, you can quickly improve your Chinese listening and speaking skills.

Course Features:

  1. Practical scene dialogue:Quickly learn 30+ vocabulary and 20+ sentences.Quickly master commonly used Chinese and start conversations!

  2. Personalized teaching: Each lesson is customized one-on-one by professional Chinese teachers according to your learning progress and needs, ensuring that the knowledge learned is close to practical application.

  3. Intensive tutoring sessions: After 2 teaching classes, there are 6 specialized tutoring classes, providing more intelligent exercises and personalized tutoring through CHIease APP to help you master the content you have learned more deeply.

  4. Provide professional digital learning reports: After each class, the teacher will develop a personalized learning report based on the students’ learning status.

  5. Professional teaching service team: A strong teaching team, All graduated with a degree in  Teaching Chinese as a Second Language in China, with more than 3 years of experience in teaching Chinese as a foreign language.

  6. Customized study plan: anytime, anywhere, adapt to your schedule to ensure you can study in the most comfortable state.

Course content arrangement:

Free with purchase:

  1. With the 30-day CHIease app VIP privilege.Unlimited, repeated learning of a large number of Chinese courses, including daily work, shopping, travel and other courses

  2. Language exchange community tickets: Participate in our online community, exchange learning experiences with other students, and help each other.

How to take the class?

Contact the customer service

Tell the customer service what you need and follow the instructions to complete the class operation.


  • Contact the Customer Service
  • WhatsApp/Wechat: +8618026229513

Spend $9.9, Join our Chinese courses to make learning Chinese easier and more practical! Buy now and start your Chinese journey

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