About Us

    Guangzhou 5idea Education Technology Co., Ltd. (5idea Education) focuses on the education of professional Chinese in Workplace. We have developed a set of general Chinese textbooks in workplace and its APP. We aim to help international professionals learn Chinese more effectively in spare time . With the "Chinese+" service idea, we develop a talent sharing platform, which covers career connecting, technological economic and trade cooperation, and entrepreneurial incubation, to boost the development of international professionals.

    5idea Education has published the world’s first set of "6+N" textbook systems, curriculum systems and examination systems, with independent intellectual property rights, specifically developed for international professionals, such as "General Chinese in International Workplace". Through the combination of online and offline, it creates a new model of "4+2+1" Chinese learning, which fully reflects the characteristics of "learn on the go, saving time and money", which can improve the Chinese listening and speaking skills in a short period of time and enable smooth communication. It is an ideal way to learn Chinese that is "efficient, convenient and practical".