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CHIease App Study Card (1-month membership, shipped automatically)

CHIease App Study Card (1-month membership, shipped automatically)

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Electronic Card


Shipping per E-mail, any questions please contact e-mail or whatsapp

Original price is at $20 are now only $1, limited time!!!

What's in the course?

  • The CHIease App Study Card is used to activate the 1-month CHIease App VIP membership (unlimited access and duration).
  • With this membership, learners can access all recorded courses except online courses within the app, including tutoring videos, teaching videos, practice, testing, Q&A, and public live courses.
  • The course catalogue includes over 300 digital courses, such as the “General Chinese in International Workplaces”, “Meet China” , “Commonly Used Chinese for Basic Life” , “Pinyin Lesson”, “Chinese Character Lesson” and “Commonly Used Chinese for Scenarios” as well as over 1000 video courses and public live courses by renowned instructors.
  • The app supports 8 languages, including Chinese, English, Spanish, French, Russian, Thai, Arabic, and Portuguese, enabling learners to enhance their Chinese language communication skills through self-study in a short period.

5idea Chinese’s Shipping Policy for Electronic Goods

I. Shipping Method

  1. All goods sold by 5idea Chinese store are virtual electronic study cards (non-physical goods). Each virtual electronic study card contains an activation code for the corresponding course, which is the unique credential for redeeming the course. Please keep it safe.

  2. Goods will be delivered via email. During the purchasing process, customers are required to provide the correct email address. If an incorrect email address is provided, the delivery will not be possible.

  3. Upon successful payment, we will promptly send the purchased electronic study card via email to the customer’s provided email address.

    The emails include:
    (1) The email containing order details;
    (2) The email containing order activation code information.

  4. Once the email is sent, it will be deemed that the customer has received the relevant goods. If the customer has not received any email, please check if the email platform is blocking or hiding our store’s emails. If you have still not received the email, please contact our online customer service staff for assistance.

II. Process of Activation for Usage

According to the instructions in the email containing the activation code, you can contact our online customer service staff to complete the activation of the corresponding course. Once activated, you can begin your learning journey.

Note: Due to the nature of electronic goods, once activation is completed, it cannot be changed.

5idea Chinese’s Refund Policy for Courses

I. Refund Conditions

  1. Within 30 days from the date of purchase, if the course has not been activated, you may contact our online customer service staff with the email containing the activation code of the electronic study card for the purchased course, as well as the email with the order details to submit your refund request.

  2. After the course starts, the following fees will be deducted in case of a refund:

    (1) Fees for consumed class hours (fees will be calculated at the original price);

    (2) Platform commission fees, including but not limited to platform commission fees of card payments and transfer payments (fees equal to 0.5% of the tuition fee);

    (3) Fees for any gifted VIP study cards (fees will be calculated based on the actual amount). The remaining amount after deducting the above fees will be the actual refund amount.

II. Refund Process

  1. Upon receiving the refund request, our company will calculate the refund amount based on the actual circumstances.

  2. Once the actual refund amount is confirmed, it will be refunded to the customer’s credit card or original payment method within 2 working days.

  3. If you have not received the refund, please first check your bank account and contact your credit card or payment platform company. If you still have not received the refund, you can contact our online customer service staff, and we will follow up on the refund status.

    Note: The estimated refund processing time provided is for reference only. The actual refund processing time may vary depending on relevant factors such as the bank and payment institution. Please refer to the actual receiving time for the specific refund timeframe.
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